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BD 38/12 C *EU KARCHER (1.783-430)

BD 38/12 C *EU KARCHER (1.783-430)
BD 38/12 C *EU KARCHER (1.783-430)
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  • Model: 17834300
  • Dimensions: 99.50cm x 49.50cm x 109.00cm
  • SKU: Κ17834300
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Lightweight, quiet and agile: the BD 38/12 C scrubber drier with disc head is fitted with a fast rechargeable, high-performance lithium-ion battery and eco!efficiency mode.

Small and furnished areas are cleaned professionally and efficiently by the extremely manoeuvrable, user-friendly and low-maintenance BD 38/12 C scrubber drier. The machine is equipped with a 38-cm diameter disc brush. The new lithium-ion battery has an extra-long runtime, with a lifetime three times longer than conventional batteries. This battery is entirely maintenance-free and quick to charge. The eco!efficiency mode reduces the machine's energy consumption, extends its runtime and lowers the noise level by approx. 40%. The BD 38/12 C is 35% lighter in this range, making it easier to tackle steps as well as to transport the drier.

High-performance lithium-ion battery
Completely maintenance-free despite a service life that is three times longer than conventional batteries. Quick charging (full in three hours, half full in one hour). Interim or partial charging is also possible where necessary.

Includes high-performance on-board charger
The charger is always there; charging is always possible. Can be fully recharged in three hours or semi-charged in one hour. (Interim charges possible at any time.) Charger automatically switches itself off. No energy consumption in standby operation.

Disc brush

2-tank system

Battery and built-in charger included.

Transport wheels

Squeegee, curved

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