Easily and quickly clean your balcony or terrace

Learn how to clean your terrace and balcony with Karcher high pressure washers

Keeping your terrace and balcony clean doesn't have to be a chore. With Karcher high pressure washers you can remove dirt and save time at the same time. Frequent cleaning, especially after the winter months, will help you keep your balcony and terrace clean and in good condition. Whether you do the cleaning precautionarily or after some dirty work, Karcher's high-pressure washer will help keep the terrace in good condition and at the same time help you save time and money.

Karcher's T-Racer surface cleaning components (T 250, T 350, T 450, T 550) ensure excellent cleaning results and mild action, both on large and small surfaces. The innovative combination of high pressure and height-adjustable nozzles allows the T-Racer to hover above the ground, ensuring a uniform result and protecting both you and the surrounding area.

The power cleaning brush (PS 40) can also be used to clean the balcony or terrace. With three built-in high pressure nozzles, hard dirt can be removed quickly and easily. The built-in wiper blade is ideal for removing the most persistent liquid contaminants. It is ideal for stairs and edges, while the built-in bristles make it ideal for cleaning spots with a groove in the yard.

Here are some tips for cleaning your terrace and balcony:

Remove all furniture, pots and other objects from the surface you want to clean.

This way you will ensure a more uniform result.

Wipe and remove debris from larger contaminants.

Connect your high pressure washer or if you don't have one, look for one that suits your needs.

Add chemical cleaning stone or wood to your washing machine.

Start by applying low pressure, especially on wooden surfaces.

By making movements like those of wiping, clean the surface. "Passing" with the pistol 2 and 3 times from the same point is not a problem, because in this way unpleasant results are avoided when the surface dries.